Jacques Régnière & Rémi Saint-Amant
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

SERG Project #1995/09
Year of Project: 2004
Report Received: 2006




TimeWise (TW) software is intended as an integrated environment for the use of Régnière’s Spruce Budworm Seasonality Model and Cooke’s Bt Efficacy Model in support of decisions needed with respect to optimal timing of Bt applications against spruce budworm. The TW software was designed to assist the spray operations manager with timing decisions relative to insect development. Basically, the manager wants to know when would be the best time to spray a particular area or set of blocks, and whether or not the whole collection should be treated all at once or in some sequence to optimize efficacy. To assist in making such complex decisions, the TW software guides the manager through the necessary logical steps. TW works with a minimal set of information, some contained in databases, some provided interactively by the user. The three major data needs of TW are: (1) a digital elevation model of the treatment area, (2) weather information for the area, and (3) spray-block outlines.

TimeWise and its complete user's manual are distributed without charge in the form of a setup file or on CD-ROM. For internet download, use the link: ftp://ftp.cfl.forestry.ca/Regniere/Software/TimeWise/. While the Canadian Forest Service cannot offer extensive free technical support, questions may be directed to the developers at the following electronic addresses: Jacques Régnière at jregnier@NRcan.gc.ca and Rémi Saint-Amant at rstamant@NRCan.gc.ca.