E.G. Kettela,S.E. Holmes and R.W. Easton

SERG Project #1998/06 (1998)


Executive Summary

Dylox® 420 applied at 250, 500, and 750 g/ha to areas of balsam fir forest in western Newfoundland heavily infested with balsam fir sawfly, Neodiprion abietis spp., a defoliator, provided both foliage protection and significant population reduction at all three dosage rates tested. This should be sufficient information to have this insect included on the Dylox® 420 label at a range of dosages from 250 to 750 g/ha. The Newfoundland Department of Forestry and Agrifoods proceeded with a petition through the URMULE process of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to see that this was done. Balsam fir sawfly was duly included in the usage pattern for Dylox® 420.