P.J. Silk and E.G. Kettela

SERG Project #2000/06 (2001)


Executive Summary

Aerial application of a 3M-microencapsulated formulation (with 0.1 % sticker) of spruce budworm pheromone (95/5 E/Z11-14: ALD) at both 25 and 75 g/ha successfully effected mating disruption with caged adult budworm for more than 15 days in the field, with the high dosage apparently lasting longer. GC/EAD analysis of residual pheromone on foliage substantiated this finding; detectable levels of pheromone remained after 15 days postspray. This formulation is ready to be tested next season (year 3) in an aerial application trial against wild isolated populations of spruce budworm to effect mating disruption.