E.G. Kettela, S.E.Holmes, and C.J. Lucarotti
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

SERG Project #2001/08
Year of Project: 2003
Report Received: 2006




In 2003, aerial spray efficacy trials with Abietiv® were carried out on white and red pine plantations in southern Ontario that were infested with pine false webworm (Acantholyda erythrocephala L.). Five blocks in Grey and Simcoe counties, totaling 231.6 ha, were treated on 23 and 24 June. This was a few days later than desired, but the research permit was not received until 23 June (A.M.). A Cessna 188 AgTruck equipped with AU4000 Micronairs was used to apply 1x109 PIBs of virus per hectare in 2.5 L of molasses/water carrier. Efficacy was determined from measurements of larval survival, frass deposition, and defoliation estimates in treated and untreated sites. In terms on insect mortality, the results are ambiguous. However, impact on feeding (reduction in frass per insect per day) and lower than expected defoliation in four out of five treated sites demonstrate that Abietiv may be a potential pest management product for PFWW. Further trials are needed.