E.G. Kettela, R. Stewart, M. Pest, and S.E. Holmes
Canadian Forest Service Atlantic Forestry Centre

SERG Project #2005-01-A
Year of Project: 2005
Report Received: 2006



The primary objective of this project was to generate field efficacy data against the yellowheaded spruce sawfly (Pikonema alaskensis) leading to a minor use label expansion of the Entrust 80W Naturalyte Insect Control Product in Canada. Both aerial and ground spray trials at 15, 30, and 45 g/ha were carried out on small plantation white spruce (Picea glauca) trees in Alberta on reclaimed land licensed to Suncor Energy. Reliable data have illustrated the effectiveness of the tested product. The data support the efficacy of Entrust 80W as applied by aircraft on the target insect, and additional support of product efficacy against YHSS is provided by results of the ground application.