S.E. Holmes and E.G. Kettela

Canadian Forest Service Atlantic Forestry Centre

SERG Project #2005-01-O
Year of Project: 2005
Report Received: 2006



Entrust 80W was field tested on the PFWW by ground application in Simcoe County, Ontario, in June 2005 and by aerial application in the Ganaraska Forest, Ontario, on red and white pine plantations in 2005. The primary objective of this project, to generate field efficacy data leading to a minor use label expansion of the Entrust 80W Naturalyte Insect Control Product in Canada, has been achieved; reliable data have well illustrated the effectiveness of Entrust 80W.

For the ground treatment, the effectiveness of three dosage levels (15, 30, and 45 g/ha) of Entrust 80W was tested on PFWW larvae in the Millenium Tract in Simcoe County and compared to untreated controls, one set of trees (water only) and one set for no treatment. The effect of Entrust is dramatically illustrated by the rapid decline of live larvae to virtually zero on treated trees two days following applications. From that time onward, few larvae survived regardless of the dosage level of Entrust 80W. The three nominal dosages were all highly effective, and the high efficacy was achieved within two days of the ground treatment.

The effectiveness of the aerial application of Entrust 80W at 45 g/ha on PFWW larvae was tested in the Ganaraska Forest. Efficacy based on larval mortality was compared to untreated insects in the control plot. Larvae died rapidly upon exposure to the aerially applied product, with high mortalities achieved within 24 h of application.