G. Thurston, P. Silk, E. Kettela
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

SERG Project #2005/04
Year of Project: 2006
Report Received: 2006



A field trial was conducted on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, with two types of pheromone traps baited with stabilized pheromones of the eastern blackheaded budworm, Acleris variana, and the western blackheaded budworm, A. gloverana. Sticky milk cartontype traps captured no more male budworms than unsaturating Multipher traps baited with the same lure. Increasing quantities of E11,13-tetradecadienal, the A. variana pheromone, in the lures resulted in increasing trap catch. However, increasing the quantity beyond 100 μg per lure provided no further benefit. The A. gloverana lure, at 1000 μg, was as effective as the A. variana lure at 10μg per lure. Our data support the use of traps baited with 100 μg of E11,13-tetradecadienal, stabilized with 0.1% Sumisorb-300 and 0.1% BHT, as an effective tool for monitoring the presence of the eastern blackheaded budworm.