M. E. Teske, H. W. Thistle, A. J. Hewitt, I. W. Kirk, R. Dexter and J. H. Ghent
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.,

SERG Project #2003/01
Year of Project: 2003
Paper Published: 2004



ILASS Americas, 17th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Arlington, VA, May 004


Wind tunnel measurements of drop size distributions from Micronair AU4000 and AU5000 rotary atomizers, operating with varying tank mix, flow rate, air speed, and blade angle conditions, generate a rotary atomizer database and recovery of a highly correlated multiple regression (average R2 = 0.995 and 0.988, respectively) that represents all collected data and forms the basis for a model library containing these distributions for forestry applications.