AVMA/SERG Joint Meeting
October 25-28, 1995
Fredericton, NB

SERG Workshop

October 25, 1995
  • Opening Remarks
  • Progress Reports on 1995 SERG Research Projects:
  • * The importance of application rate and droplet size spectrum in field efficacy of B.t. - Kees van Frankenhuyzen
    * Evaluation of the efficacy of a spray application technique that utilizes upwind atomizers - Leo Cadogan & Bob Mickle
    * Indirect effects of forest spraying with Lepidoptera specific insecticides on forest songbirds - Steve Holmes
    * Implications of spruce budworm management for biodiversity of forest communities - N.J. Holliday
    * Baseline study of Lepidoptera diversity in New Brunswick fir spruce forest: impact of forest practices - Ed Kettela
    * BIOSIM refinement - Assessment of maritime influence on the extrapolation of temperature data - Bob Dickison
    * SOPFIM calibration trials - Jacques Dugal
    * Developing effective strategies for managing current and new epidemics of spruce budworm - Eldon Eveleigh, Bruce Pendrel, Dave MacLean, Ed Kettela
    * GPS Updates:
    => Manitoba DNR - Larry Matwee
    => Ontario OMNR - Taylor Scarr
    => Quebec SOPFIM - Robert Chenard
    => New Brunswick FPL - Darrell Alward
    => Other 1995 Trials - Bob Mickle
    * B.t. Deposit Measurement Adaptation of HPLC method to the analysis of B.t. deposits on foliage - Marianne Puztai-Carey
    * Deposit measurement with DAM Kit, REDOX assay and Volumetric Assessment - Nick Payne & Kees van Frankenhuyzen
    * Experience with the DAM Kit - Ed Kettela
    * Development of an integrated pest management program for Eastern Hemlock Looper - Chris Lucarotti, Kaupp, Otvas

    October 26, 1995
  • Opening remarks AVMA and SERG representatives
  • * Evaluation of Ultra-sonic homogenizer for tank mix stabilization and efficacy enhancement - Chris Riley
    * Insurance requirements, drift and environmental liability, pollution liability,(aerial/ground applications) - Steve Osselton (Sedgwick Limitee)
    * The efficacy of formulated glyphosate as influenced by drop size/spray volume/a.i. rate and relationships - Bob Campbell
    * An operational overview of an aerial conifer release program, Bill Whalen (Fraser Inc.)
    * Airborne atmospheric measurements for improved spray operations: operational evaluation of new technology for monitoring metrological conditions - Stephen Foster
    * Biological control of unwanted vegetation - Len Lanteigne
    * Air assisted sprayer - (Air Shield) - Peter Jackson
    * Industrial vegetation management program Walter Bidlake (NB Power)
    * Validation and operational use of computer models - Chris Riley, Peter Amirault, Bob Mickle
    * C.F.B. Gagetown, vegetation management practices - TBA
    * Improved pesticide applications technology transfer - Bob Campbell, Doug Embree

    October 27, 1995
  • Introduction to workshop on "risk reduction", the development of a policy from a multi-stakeholder group.
  • Group is subdivided to discuss and formulate a risk reduction policy statement.
    Group leader assembles recorded notes on overhead for presentation.
    Each group presents their discussion.
  • SERG steering committee meeting

  • October 28, 1995
  • AVMA/SERG Field Day - CFB Gagetown