Joint Meeting of the
18th Eastern Spruce Budworm Research
Work Conference and the
Spray Efficacy Research Group Workshop

October 29th - November 2nd, 2000
Fredericton, NB, Canada

October 30th 2000
  • Welcome - Mr. D. Ferguson, Deputy Minister, NB Department of Natural Resources & Energy and President of Forest Protection Limited
  • Welcome - Director General, Canadian Forest Service Atlantic - G, van Raalte
  • Spruce Budworm Periodicity and The Use of Geostatistics and GIS as Tools for Analyzing Pheromone Trap Data at a Landscape Level - D.B. Lyons, C.J. Sanders, A.M. Liebhold, and G.C. Jones
  • Spruce Budworm Outbreak Cycles in New Brunswick as Revealed by Egg Mass Surveys Since 1952 - Tom Royama and Wayne MacKinnon
  • Changes in Bird Populations During a Complete Spruce Budworm Population Cycle in North-Western Ontario - C.J. Sanders
  • Impacts of Eastern Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), on White Spruce, Picea glauca (Moench) Voss. plantations in Northern Minnesota - Darren C. Blackford and Steven J. Seybold
  • Does B.t. - and/or Nutrition-Related Stress Carry Over to the F1 Generation of the Spruce Budworm? - N. Carisey, É. Bauce, and A. Dupont
  • Environmental Effects of Neem-Based Insecticides In Aquatic Ecosystems - David Kreutzweiser, Scott Capell, and Taylor Scarr
  • Web Site for Spruce Budworm Bibliography- D. B. Lyons
  • Update on Spruce Budworm Control Research in the Canadian Forest Service - K. van Frankenhuyzen
  • Spruce Budworm Decision Support System: Overview and Update - Kevin B. Porter
  • Scenario Planning and Incorporating Projected Budworm Impacts Into Forest Management - David A. MacLean
  • Future Direction of Spruce Budworm Protection Planning in new Brunswick - Dan Lavigne
  • Influence of Environmental Factors on Historical Defoliation - D. Gray
  • Seasonal Pest Management Decision Support Systems/Operational Implementation of DSS Tools - J. Régnière
  • Estimating Wood Volume Losses Caused by Spruce Budworm Defoliation in the Fundy Model Forest - T. Erdle
  • Landscape Effects on Stand Susceptibility to Spruce Budworm in Northern New Brunswick - Wayne MacKinnon

  • October 31, 2000

  • Keynote Speaker - Public Perceptions of Risk, Trust, and Acceptability of Forest Vegetation Management - Robert G. Wagner
  • Practical Applications of SERG Spruce Budworm Research Results: Summary of SERG `mini-workshop' held February 5, 2000 - C. Howard
  • Influence of Drought Stress on Glyphosate Efficacy. 2. Plant Droughtness Detection Using Optical and Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing - Brigitte Leblon and Keith Abbott
  • Competition Studies in Forest Regeneration. Project Plan for a Competition Study - Doug Pitt
  • Early Intervention in Spruce Budworm Outbreaks: Concepts, Issues, Results from Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba - J. Régnière and A. Retnakarn
  • Updates: Operational Insect Protection and Vegetation Management Programs
  • Status of Forest Insect Activity in 2000 and Preliminary Outlook for 2001 - H. Crummey
  • FPL - Boom Length Trial - Gerry Cormier
  • Experimental Spray Program Against Spruce Budworm in 2000 - Denise Moranville
  • Control Program Against Hemlock Looper in 2000, North Shore Region - Denise Moranville
  • Ontario - T. Scarr
  • 2000 Manitoba Spruce Budworm Management Program - Larry Matwee
  • Determining Buffer Zones Using AIMMS-10 and SDTF AgDrift Model - Larry Matwee
  • Spruce Budworm Population Control Technology Development, i.e. B.t. Pheromone IPM - P. Silk
  • Pine False Webworm Control Trials in Ontario in 2000 - E. Kettela

  • November 2nd 2000

  • Field Trials of Balsam Fir Sawfly Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus in Newfoundland and Cape Breton in Summer 2000 - C.J. Lucarotti, E. Kettela, G. Thurston, S. Holmes, C. Weaver, B. Morin and P. Stewart-LeBlanc
  • Influence of Spacing on Defoliation by the Balsam Fir Sawfly .- Dan T. Quiring, Eldon S. Eveleigh, Gaétan Moreau, Harold Piene, Taylor Scarr, Graham Thurston and Don P. Ostaff
  • Influence of Spacing on Density and Survival of Balsam Fir Sawfly: Host Plant and Insect Interactions - Gaétan Moreau, Eldon S. Eveleigh, Don P. Ostaff, and Dan T. Quiring
  • Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Balsam Fir Sawfly (BFS) Larvae in Newfoundland - L. Anstey, D. Ostaff, and D. Quiring
  • The Impact of the Balsam Fir Sawfly on the Growth and Morphology of Balsam Fir - Ken Parsons, Dan Quiring, and Harold Piene
  • Establishment of a Density-Damage Relationship for the Yellow-Headed Spruce Sawfly Pikonema alaskensis Rohwer) - Robert Johns, Dan Quiring, Don Ostaff
  • Landscape Scale Dynamics of Spruce Budworm Defoliation in Ontario - Jean-Noël Candau and R. Fleming
  • Recent Advances in USDA-FS Models - H. Thistle
  • Overview of Spinosad Insect Control Product: Potential for use in Forest Management Programs - Kristen Callow
  • Manufacturer's Presentations: Recent & Future Product Development
  • Monsanto Canada
  • AEF Global
  • Thermo Trilogy Corp
  • Valent BioSciences Canada
  • Rohm and Haas Canada Inc.
  • Micron Sprayers Ltd.
  • Product Registration and Regulatory Changes
  • Federal/Provincial/Manufacturer/User Interactions: Methodologies and SERG's Role - R.E. Mickle (SERG Executive Director)
  • Efficacy: A Forestry Perspective - Terry Gaunter
  • Product Registration and the Forest Pest Manager - Larry Matwee
  • Offsetting Block-Width Impacts by Using Optimization Techniques - R.E. Mickle
  • Discussion