Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
November 7th-8th, 2002

November 7, 2002
  • Keynote Speaker – Melvin Dell, Curator, Butterfly World, Niagara Falls
  • Update on PMRA activities – Ted Kuchnicki
  • History and Future of UNB wind tunnel – Jules Picot
  • Sampling techniques for droplet sizing of rotary atomizer sprays – Andrew Hewitt
  • STAINALYSIS - A software package for analysis of deposit characteristics – Bob Mickle
  • USDA-FS: Calibration to Application – John Ghent
  • Optimum Droplet Method: A technique to evaluate the toxicity of Btk formulations against Spruce Budworm larvae – Ed Kettela
  • Competition study for Boreal mixed woods – Doug Pitt
  • Effects of woody and herbaceous vegetation on white pine establishment, growth and quality – Doug Pitt
  • Longer-term efficacy following site preparation and vegetation management treatments – Wayne Bell
  • Updates: Operational Insect Protection and Vegetation Management Programs
    Newfoundland – Hubert Crummey
    Quebec – Alain Dupont
    New Brunswick – Dave Davies
    Ontario – Michael Irvine
    Manitoba – Keith Knowles
    Saskatchewan – Joe Meating
    Alberta – Hideji Ono
    British Columbia - Peter Hall
    UDSA-FS – Donna Leonard (20min)

  • November 8th, 2002

  • Integrated Applied Technology – Gerry Cormier, Ghislain Rousseau
  • AIMMS-20: Development and field test results – Stephen Foster
  • Evaluation of the AIMMS-10 met package for forest treatment programs – Robert Chιnard
  • Evaluation of the Windicator met package – Bob Mickle
  • Effects of atmospheric stability and application rate on Nantucket Pine Tip Moth spraying – Harold Thistle
  • Development of a consistent trap-bait and trapping system for Jack Pine Budworm – Peter Silk
  • Development of an effective trap and lure for detection of Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle – Jon Sweeney
  • Pheromone dispersion within a forest canopy – Harold Thistle
  • Early intervention against Spruce Budworm – Jacques Rιgniθre
  • Balsam Fir Sawfly NPV – Field efficacy – Chris Lucarotti
  • Ontario Pine False Webworm Trials: Delivery to user – Ed Kettela
  • A review of operational Spruce Budworm spraying in Saskatchewan 1998-2002: How have we done and what do we want to do – Joe Meating
  • Increasing carbon sequestration through forest protection programs – Ed Kettela
  • Operational implementation of DSS tools – Jacques Rιgniθre
  • Industry Presentations
  • Spray Advisor: Demonstration and Intro Training - Jacques Rιgniθre