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To honour the hard work and dedication of many practitioners of forest pest management, SERG International (SERG-I) has established an annual Graduate Student Awards Fund (GSAF) to support graduate students who are doing research directly related to SERG-I’s areas of interest []. The main purpose of this Fund is to support students early in their careers by providing an opportunity to attend the annual SERG-I Workshop where they can present their own research and interact with many of the key researchers and managers responsible for forest pest management in Canada and the United States as well as some of the leading manufacturers of pest control products and related services. The Annual Workshop is hosted by different provincial member agencies; hence, its location varies across Canada and northern United States.

Graduate students can apply for the SERG International Graduate Student Award Fund any time during the year. The deadline for submissions is November 15th in order to be considered for the SERG-I annual Workshop in February of the following year.

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SERG International co-ordinates research in the following areas: 

Forest Pest Management Products:
Product efficacy - including conventionally applied products as well as the development of alternative tactics such as viruses, nematodes and biological herbicides, etc.

Improvement of Application Technology and Techniques:
Application technology - including aerial and ground based application techniques which provide improvements in environmental and efficiency goals.

Environmental Impact and Benefit of Forest Pest Management:
Fate of applied products in terms of deposit, drift, impact and behaviour in the environment including impacts on biodiversity and ecological processes.

Developing Forest Pest Management Strategies:
Develop working strategies for the management of forest pests.